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Maxx Kenif On The Rise




Every now and then, the music industry needs a new sound to please the masses. Maxx Kenif is a producer and artist who packs a unique sound in his bag during all of his musical endeavors. He proudly represents a town called “Orange” deep in the Valley of Northern New Jersey as he uses his passion for music to fuel his grind into the industry.

Kenif has always been connected with the world of music. Growing up, he was in the band and enjoyed playing multiple instruments. The different sounds from various instruments always allowed him to be on his own vibe, and eventually, create his own wave in an industry that can lack originality at times. After graduating from Litty P, better know as William Patterson University, Mr. Kenif is ready for any challenge that may be thrown his way.

We asked Maxx what he uses as motivation when things seem to be going off track. He quickly replied with, “I motivate myself”. As someone who is comfortable with his own energy and vibe, Kenif doesn’t rely on drugs or others to get him in the right mindset to be in the studio. He likes to travel and experience new things, and then apply the feelings from those experiences to his music. Often times, Maxx considers himself a student of life as he applies what he learns and feels to all of his music for his fans to enjoy. He always intends on taking his listeners on a journey with each song or project he puts out.

“Chillin’ on the East Side of California. Riding ’round the West Side Atlanta, Georgia. Coolin’ on the South Side down in Florida. Riding all night, all night….” – Maxx Kenif

Everything that Kenif is doing is for him to share with the world, but like most artists, he can be sensitive about his work. He loves his music and beats, which is why he treats his work with great care. With his new wave, he intends to be able to put out much more music while working on his craft and building a larger fan base. He truly believes that he can change the world by using his sounds to bring something new and dope to the table. If Maxx Kenif eats, all of his fans do too, and there will be plenty of music to go around.

“What is the most important thing in any relationship, whether it is personal or professional?”

Maxx: “Communication is key. If there is something wrong with me, I will always speak up about it. It may take me some time to talk about it, but I’ll always have the respect for the other person to speak my mind while letting them do the same. I definitely don’t run to social media to vent.”

Kenif currently has a project out titled Maxx Kenif On The Rise (MKOTR). This is his first major project that he is extremely proud of. This tape gives off a college dorm type of energy as you grow with Maxx throughout the project. The calm vibes and life-like adventures that this project takes you on provide a strong foundation for anything that Kenif has in store for the world to witness. The energy of each song can be felt as soon as you turn the speakers up. Without a doubt, this Jersey Native from the Valley is about to make some major moves. Be on the look out for his upcoming work, and go bless your eardrums by listening to MKOTR!


IG / Twitter: @MaxxKenif

Sound Cloud: Maxx Kenif

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