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A Dive into Depression: Views from the Deep-End

A Dive into Depression: Views from the Deep-End

(See “Hollow Grounds” by Tevin Reese)

Notes from the writer:

  1. You are not alone.

2. I hope you feel loved today.

3. I pray that peace finds you before its too late.

4. Your strong friends need help too.

Life is a constant row of diving boards above various bodies of water. At the beginning of each day we line up on our respective diving boards, contemplating how the water will feel. Will it be warm or cold, shallow or deep, and will you be able to come up for fresh air? These thoughts alone can strike fear into the hearts of those who suffer from depression. It can freeze you in the moment. Refrain you from feeling; from eating, and sleeping; from feeling alive. It can hold you hostage without your consent. But each day that we are fortunate enough to open our eyes, we are forced to dive into the water. Some days, it is shallow enough to stand in. Other days, it is deeper than the wells you tend to store your tears in. Either way, the choice is not your own.

This is not a phenomenon. Depression does not only feed on the weak and vulnerable. It runs through the bodies of people who are strong willed. People who are doing well in life. The mothers, and fathers of the world. The young and the old. The artists and the idols. The famous, the rich, and the poor. The black, the white, and everything in between. It is essential that we understand this. The choices we make today, truly shape our world tomorrow. And today, I hope you choose to check on the people you hold dear to you. Your words alone can be the reason someone decides to make it out of bed today, and to see the light tomorrow.

Far too often, the “strong friends” in our circles are neglected, forgotten about, and left to handle their many burdens alone. The truth is, no one can make it through this world alone. It is too overwhelming. Too filled with loss, and heartbreak. Although some people can endure more than others, it is safe to say that we all need to be checked on. We all need to feel the relief that comes with knowing that someone cares; that for once, you can also have a shoulder to cry on.

Everyone experiences depression differently. It can sometimes feel like you are drowning in depression, as if your lungs are filled with water and your body cannot move. And just like drowning in actual water, the process of drowning in depression makes it harder and harder to not sink in even more quickly. It is a process of exponential disaster. It is not fair.

On the other side, everything can seem normal. The sun may be shining and you may have a smile on your face, but on the inside you are dying; desperately searching for a way to be healed. For a way to feel alive again.

You are not alone.

You should know that you are worth it. You deserve the world and everything you’ve worked for. You are beautiful, talented, smart, and unique. You are made in God’s image; perfect for this world. Although the water may seem dark, cold, painful, and filled with chaos today, I pray that you can come up for fresh air, and breathe freely again.

ps: Sometimes, getting out of the bed in the morning is more than enough. Be proud of that accomplishment.


By: Tevin J. Reese (@ReeseOnBlast)

6 thoughts on “A Dive into Depression: Views from the Deep-End”

  1. Life teaches us all lessons in many different ways. Sometimes the lessons are easy to swallow sometimes we choke on them and have to constantly repeat them. You on the other hand not only learn them you pass them on for those wise enough to want to learn from them.


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