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Nyasa Jackson; #FocusedOn

“I often feel like I’m the person in my family who is supposed to “make it.” Making it, in my mind, doesn’t necessarily pertain to becoming famous.” – Nyasa Jackson

Photography is a field that many love, but few truly understand. It is an art. The attention to detail, the editing, and the ability to tell stories through the images you capture is a gift that takes time to develop. Nyasa Jackson, a digital media professional from New Jersey, exemplifies what it means to work hard and put in the time to perfect your craft. Her photography only seems to improve with every shoot, or event that she gets under her belt.

FACE OFF (FOCUSED)_1.jpgNyasa initially became interested in the communication field during her last year in high school. She developed a passion for TV production and video editing through a number of internships and college courses. Now, her current graduate program at Sacred Heart University,  helps to build a foundation in photography and videography, while aiming to teach the art of storytelling. Ms. Jackson uses all of her education, as well as her passions, to fuel her creativity and love for TV production and photography.

NYJACKSON_Tev and Danny0078 copy copy.jpg

“Do you put so much energy into the arts for yourself or for others?”

Nyasa: “I am a naturally creative person and use the arts as an outlet to express myself. The entertainment industry is all about creating content for others to enjoy. So yes, essentially, what I do is for myself and for others.”

Ms. Jackson’s passions vary just as much as her talents. She enjoys working on projects that incorporate elements of things that truly interest her, such as music, dance, production, and cooking.


Nyasa: “I LOVE live music. It is one of the ultimate manifestations of bridging music, dance and production together.”

Focus is something that Nyasa has never lacked. She intends to use her drive in order to reach her goal of being a freelance director. Still, like most intelligent creatives of our generation, Ms. Jackson has a back up plan.  She has discovered a natural talent for on-air work, so you may see her anchoring a show somewhere near you. Overall, her dream is to become a music video director. The understanding that having a plan is important and being open to the possibilities is key. This is why Nyasa Jackson truly stands out.


Prince H&M copy.jpg

“What’s your latest project? Tell us about it.”

Nyasa: “I’ve reached the end of my graduate year, so we’re in the process of completing our capstone (thesis) projects. We have complete creative freedom and control. My goal is to shoot a conceptual dance video. So if any dancers, musicians, or actors would like to get involved, please let me know. I really want to showcase the talents of others with this piece. Ideally, I’m trying to throw a large party and film it. Think of the House Party movies and LL Cool J’s  “Jingling Baby” video vibes.”


Britt Boss #focus_2.jpg

Whether it is in a studio, at a concert, or a cookout at your favorite university, Nyasa is ready to capture the stories that you won’t want to miss! Her vibe and professionalism will speak volumes all on their own. Be sure to check out her work, and book her for your next event!


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IG: _nydollasign




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