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Manville T.V; CJ’s Come Up


Charles, better known as CJ, is a Jersey Native from Orange, NJ. He graduated from William Paterson University with a degree in Public Relations, with minors in Theatre and Comedy.  Although he is a recent graduate and brother of Iota Phi Theta Fraternity Incorporated, his interests expand far beyond the invisible walls of a college campus. CJ has been developing his crafts and interests since a young age. At 13, he began writing poetry. He later developed his own poetic style at the age of 19, when he started taking the arts more seriously. He uses his surroundings and personal experiences not only for motivation when it comes to his writing, but to also fuel his professional endeavors.


Although CJ enjoys writing, he has other dreams and projects. Manville TV, a creative media hub and dope youtube channel, is something that CJ has been a part of ever since its creation during his college days. He is the Chief Operating Officer for Manville, and has been for over a year and a half.

“Do you put so much energy into your work for yourself, or for others? Why?”

CJ: “It’s a mixture of both. I enjoy entertaining people with my words as well as my actions ( Manville vlogs). In addition to that, it serves as an outlet for me. The arts allow me to express myself and utilize my creativity. When  people actually appreciate your creativity and how you express yourself through it, it’s a wonderful thing. Self expression is very important , and the arts happen to be a great way of allowing me to do that.”

CJ’s favorite project that he’s had the luxury of working on so far, is the Vlog that Manville TV did during Spring Break 2017 in Miami, FL (video can be found above). This particular Vlog has roughly 12,000 views on youtube, and was exciting to work on for Charles. This project depicts the over the top antics included in a typical spring break in Miami. Go on an adventure as you witness the various stories, parties, and unplanned circumstances with the Manville staff, students, spring breakers, and the established Hip-Hop artist, PNB Rock. PNB cosigned Manville TV, so come and find out what the hype is all about!

“Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”

CJ: “In 5 years, I see myself having a Masters Degree in Fine Arts. Manville Tv will be a household name that is known throughout various states. Hopefully, I’ll be in love while dating my dream girl. But most of all, I see myself traveling around the world with my camera, recording a movie that is called my life as I bring it to the public with Manville TV as the platform.”

Charles and Manville have been putting in the work. They have a brand new vlog out that showcases their experiences while visiting Penn State University during their “Blue and White” weekend. The campus is usually extremely live around this time, so the vlog is allows you to feel as though you were there, simply from watching the Manville team go to work! (Video found below).


CJ intends to use Manville TV to not only improve his own life, but to provide the public with a platform that is truly “for the people”. Be sure to subscribe to their Youtube channel, check out their vlogs, and stay up to date on all things Manville related.



IG/ Twitter ; @thacarter3_  

Snapchat: @eyevisioncee

“Somebody tell me what its like to be free in America?

Where education Ain’t even free in America.

Where “the man” don’t want us to breathe in America.

Where they’re killing us over CDs in America.

We get killed showing proper ID in America.

They’re scared of us and even say they feel threatened.

Every time they shoot they say, “oh, he had weapon”

But my hands are up. No palms open. Fist closed.

This is the time to take a stand and say, “Hell No”. – Poem Titled “Free” by CJ


Upcoming Events: June 30th, The Big Punchout! Presented by Manville TV! 





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