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They walk out of your life just as quickly as they entered

As if the door to your sanity is theirs to open and close.

Now, if I let you in,

then I will no longer be sane.

You call me insane when all I do is fall victim to your games.

Yet, all it takes to want you back

is for me to hear your name.

We tend to disregard the ones who care about us the most

while chasing something fake.

A ghost or faint idea that the one we thirst for the most

will Quench our need to feel wanted.

Life is like a movie.

But I want to believe that genuine people exist outside of the four corners of a projected image.

It’s like my choices are the kernels and my mistakes pop up every time I get too warm hearted.

So as I reach my hand into this bag in hopes of grabbing a handful of perfectly popped corn,

I must remember that nothing is flawless.

And in order to be whole again I must forgive those

who have done me the worst.

It takes that burst

of relief you get from dusting that chip off your shoulder

to move freely enough to be bolder

than you were when you first

decided that they were worth the risk.

You dove head first into the ocean of commitment,

only to find out that this person

was no different

from the rest.

As you came up to inhale a new beginning into your chest

You were greeted with toxic fumes in the air created by them gassing up

how they truly felt about you.

Now you’ve built this fortress around your heart to keep the pain away,

Not realizing that doing so also won’t allow the joy to stay.

So you exist

in a world in-between true happiness and self pity that

consists of you doubting the motives of everyone you meet.

So as I speak

this poem into your ear

I want to make a few things clear.

Them leaving is not a reflection

of you.

That mirror you stare into daily has been tainted so you need a new view

Where you are in the center of the canvas and you choose

how to paint your horizons.

As you brush your expectations into a portrait of how your life should be

and you hang it to dry and develop,

Use the negatives as a reminder of how you’ve been through the dark and still came out positive

that you are exactly what you thought you were.



                                  By Tevin J. Reese

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