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I can’t help but think I’ve been here before.

The walls look too familiar and the smell is all too distinct.

To think,

that I allowed myself to be trapped in another book that has no happy ending.


topics on Twitter and today’s timeline discusses,

the friend-zone.

As I scroll through endless texts and screenshot the ones that say

“I don’t look at you in that way,”

I begin to realize.

It is hopeless.

Once you are in this quick sand, you are stuck.

Slowly drowning in the type of love that will never be reciprocated.

She will keep you in her back pocket for nights that she can’t sleep.

With tears rolling down her face onto cold pillows

caused by another man.

And you’ll stand

there with words of advice

While she never thinks twice

About letting you out of this cage.

Unlocking the door will never be your choice.

And you feel it the most at night.

That pain that you hide while the sun is up.

You’re stuck in bed staring at the ceiling wondering how it got to this point.

Where happiness is just a mask to be worn because your face is so wrinkled from the constant waves of frustration and tears that abuse it.

So focused on creating a false reality where sadness doesn’t thrive,

But sadly, in this friend-zone is where you feel the most alive.

I mean,

This is where you feel anything

at all.

                         By Tevin J. Reese

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