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Beach is Better (Five Reasons)

She knew I was in love with the beach,

so she changed her last name to Sand.

We held hands as our feet created memories where we’d stand.


We built our castle with the intention of

allowing our walls to collapse for one another.

As each wave crashed,

a new piece of ourselves washed to shore from our past,

But the debris gave me five reasons to believe we could last.


I didn’t need burgers and fries

to know that the five guys

you’ve been with were simply practice for when you met me.


You understood that the end never justified the means.

Although our love felt timeless

you haven’t wasted time since

we first met.


Not only could you see through my militant exterior,

But you never made me feel inferior

for showing emotions that some say,

make me less of a man.


The remnants on my bed sheets give me flashbacks

of when you let me have

all of you.


You wished that Netflix had more shows to explain how a kid from

West Philadelphia,

just happened to spend most of his days.

Yes, You loved the Fresh Prince of


You made it easy to give you the five reasons

in four minutes of how there are

more than three ways 2 love some-one.


We never accounted for the high tide that would come after the

Sun set.

The water erased the footprints we left, and our castle walls started to fall for new people when they approached our door step.

They say life isn’t fair,

And I can finally agree with that.

Because you tore my face out of our pictures,

So now I really know what it feels like to get ripped off.

And the next time I think to bring Sand to the beach

Because my beach is better,

I’ll understand that nothing

really lasts forever.


                                  By Tevin J. Reese

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