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A Letter to the Future You

Dear Future You,

We never really had a chance to last

because we met at the wrong time.

At least,

that’s what you would say back then.

You wanted me to find another girl that wouldn’t hurt me like you would.

You were so broken that if I tried to put your pieces back together,

my hands would bleed until I couldn’t take the pain anymore.

You didn’t understand that I never saw your flaws

as emotional scabs for me to pick at.

But more as authentic pieces of art that were to be appreciated

because not many people get a chance to see them.

Your mind changed so often that you were afraid to fall asleep

in the bed of a relationship

in fear that you’d wake up wishing

that you never closed your eyes in the first place.

The foot race

we had with one another never had a clear winner.

My side of the track kept getting thinner

as I realized we weren’t running towards the same finish line.

So as I lagged behind

I decided that I wasn’t going to chase after someone

who didn’t even want me in the same race as them.

Later down the line

you’ll realize that if you had just put in the time

you would be happy.

Instead you’re stuck in a state of loneliness

and the one person that could fill the cracks in your soul

is jogging freely down the road

with someone who doesn’t make them compete for their attention.

I wish you’d stop paying just enough of yours

in order to keep me around

Without wanting to plant yourself into solid ground

Where we could stand stable together.

Opening up to someone means more than becoming vulnerable to pain,

It allows you to obtain

things from them that you cannot provide for yourself.

And please love,

Never say that you aren’t good enough again.

Because even though you hide 99 percent of who you are,

The one percent you show is so perfect

that it keeps people coming back for more.

Don’t be so sure

that the mask you wear daily isn’t scarier

than what you try so hard to hide underneath it all.

The purpose of this letter isn’t to tell you that I know you’ve been hurt,

It’s to show that even though you’ve pushed me away all this time,

I’d still do anything to be your everything.

If you’d just slow down,

And take a deep breath before jumping ship this time,

Remember to put your life vest on

and I promise the impact of the bitter ocean you’re so used to

won’t kill you.

It will be different.

Not in the way that every guy before me has promised you,

It stresses

You out to think about giving someone a piece of yourself

that they may one day walk away with,

Because it’s happened before.

I’ve been there too.

The beauty of it is that if you had let me get close enough to you,

you’d see that the pieces we’re missing have only

shaped our puzzles so that we can fit with one another and be complete again.

PS: By the time you read this, it may be too late.

                  By Tevin J. Reese

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