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Flight Postponed

I’ve always had a knack for not caring,

At least,

I’d put on a facade that made it seem that way.

I’d say,

if compassion was the ground we

stood on,

Then I was a Wright Brother.

The only difference was that my goal

was to put separation between

Mother Earth and my soul.


This flight became my best friend.

It never let me down and in the end,

things never got too personal.

I stuck my loved ones on a shelf

as I searched for a clearer definition of myself

in these psychology books.

My heart became a cold song,

and the hooks

were the shards of ice that hung from it.

Each beat was in line with a base

that was lower than my esteem,

It seemed that I was unbalanced on

life’s triple beam.

But I was Martin Luther King

reincarnated with a dream in sight,


the overcast when I looked

out of my window.

This flight, was everything.

The turbulence kept my eyes and

mind wide open.

So many thoughts poured in that I

couldn’t keep track.

In fact,

every time I used my pen to try

and write my wrongs,

it ran out of ink.

You would think

I would have learned by now.

Learned that I cant keep closing

life’s door in people’s faces while

expecting them to pick the lock.

If i stopped

these flights,

maybe things could be better.

But I’m not one to count on chance

since no one ever took the time

to take one on me.

One day I’ll become a man.

I’ll un-cuff my hands and

let the shackles around my heart fall

to my feet,

Leaving nothing to keep

me from truly being free.

I will realize that with or without a

dream, I will always be a king.


Until I am man enough to sit

upon my throne,

this flight will never

be postponed.


 By Tevin J. Reese

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