Manville T.V; CJ’s Come Up

Manville T.V is a creative media hub and dope youtube channel for the people. Dive into the details as their Chief Operating Officer gives us insight on his life, and the Manville mission.

Non-Significant Others

We often give people significant roles in our lives that they do not deserve. This four part poem takes you on the roller coaster of love as you decide whether the thrill is worth the headache that can come with it.


Sometimes "Home" is simply the place you feel at peace. What happens when the floors begin to rot and you no longer feel welcomed? This is a poem on how a broken home can lead to a broken heart.

This Man

We often lose ourselves within the chaos that the world offers. This is a story of a man who is searching for himself, despite the madness that comes with it.

Black Tie

Go on a journey with a young man who is fed up with a system that continues to fail him. "I remember the day when sirens started to sound different."

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